Django Python Developer Phase 2 Hiring

This project is a day & swing trading & investing solution. Its actually something I want as a personal tool for my company but that will also be a subscription based SAAS model for the market.

• Do you currently do any trading or investing or do you want the stock market or certain stocks at all or do you have interest in doing some investing one day?

Im aiming for a modern looking dashboard that a subscriber sees and uses once logged in. This is the general layout (link below) I want and overall I feel this look is modern and with the times. Please discuss the following:

• Can you talk to me how you can implement this, if you can do it and if youve done anything like this in the past?

• Do you feel its smart to use something like this, or this, as a template and make minor changes or do it from scratch? Which is quicker and cheaper? Which is better and more secure?

Black Dashboard PRO Django: Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard For Django @ Creative Tim (

One of my major concerns is API calls. If im giving away free trials to users and they end up going to tabs and reloading and reloading the api call costs could skyrocket, im wanting to keep this to a minimum in the beginning.

There are a lot of stocks & i have a fundamental analysis code that requires a lot of the financial data to be pulled. This data must be accurate. However with so many requests Im concerned of the cost of these API pulls.

1. Are you familiar with Stock market APIs? If so which ones do you recommend? Im currently using two of them in my fundamental analysis code, one is fast, the other is slow.

2. Is it possible to have the code run once, in the background, each day, and then each user sees the returned analysis, instead of each user running the code each time they load the tab?

3. In the future is it easy to change the code so that each user runs the code each time they load the tab?

One of the codes I have is a day swing trading analysis thats similar to Tradervue Trading Journal – Journal, Analyze, and Share your trades

I cant compete with them off the bat, however i do have some different solutions for traders than they have but their overall code and analysis is more thorough and complete.

One huge area they have an advantage is the ability to download a lot of different brokers statements and run the code from those statements.

Mine currently is focused on a spreadsheet the user inputs values into. I want to maintain this as the focus as its an elevated analysis that requires more input than any broker gives.

1. How hard is it to be able to make the code work with a bunch of different brokers, and does each require separate code to be written for each broker?

I am currently a hosting reseller.

My hosting provider states the servers can handle python. Ive tried to do this with a freelancer previously and we struggled to get the servers to work at all.

How much experience do you have working with the server side of things?

What do you recommend as a server host for best performance for a django python saas website?

This project is a Django Python SaaS solution for traders and investors. It will have a landing page, front end site, which has a way to sign up to become a subscriber. The backend where users will log in will be an admin type dashboard with a menu on the left with different options which at some point will be things such as trade analysis, journal, fundamental analysis, todays earnings & calendar, marketing news, todays economic calendar, trade style stats & historical trade results, strategies etc.

As a python django developer can you please share with me what your concerns would be with such a project?

What you consider would be the most difficult part of the project?

What you consider would be the easiest part of the project?

What would be the most disliked part of the project?

What would be the funnest part of the project?

While impossible to know exactly, assuming the code needs minimal work how long would you expect the creation of the Django site with styling to look similar to the example given above, with only a few tabs in the menu created, to take you? You will not be held to this number at all, just provide a best educated guess given your experience how long such work would take you.

Do you understand that this is a contract position and that this is not an offer of employment to be an employee? You will be an independent contractor with no guarantees of future work. Please choose one of the following that yes you are aware its a contract position and you are okay with that or no you werent aware it was a contract position and are not okay with it.


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